Meet Jac - the maker behind Jac+Seed

Hi there!

I’m Jaclyn, but you can call me Jac.  I’m the artist, maker and small business owner behind Jac + Seed; an Australian beadwork label specialising in small batch and a bespoke range of contemporary wearable art. 

I believe in slow fashion, in traditional artforms and the power of true craftsmanship.  I believe in quality.

"Buy less, choose well, make it last"  Vivienne Westwood

I am located on the beautiful South Coast of NSW after we decided to make a sea change in 2018.  After a couple of years of working in the holiday park industry working 24/7, I decided to step away from the industry and focus on our young family and getting back to my creative self which got a little lost along the way.

I have been fascinated with seed beads for *about* 30 years.  I was given a gift in the early 90's that was made of seed beads.  I remember studying the piece and following the thread path to learn what I now know as Peyote or Gourd stitch, an off-loom bead weaving technique. 

Back then I used regular white sewing cotton (not very strong) and Chinese seed beads (not very uniform). I remember my first piece was a keyring that had my name on it.  Being made of cotton it would break all the time and I had to constantly repair it - until the beads could take no more thread! 

Tying together my love of design and colour with the skill of bead weaving, my aim is to bring you a collection of wearable art that you won't find anywhere else.   Each piece is hand-stitched one single glass seed bead at a time with the use of a needle and thread.  They are not mass produced, meaning all of my pieces are only available in very limited quantities, making them incredibly unique.

Much love
Jac x