About Jac + Seed

Bespoke beadwork and wearable art

Bead weaving and bead embroidery is my art.

Jac + Seed jewellery is beadwork you won’t find anywhere else. Each item is individually hand stitched by the designer (that’s me!) and made in my home studio here on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.                    

When you wear a Jac + Seed piece, you’re wearing a piece of art. It’s something special that’s been made with love, straight from my heart!

Beading is a traditional artform – an age-old method simply using beads, a needle and thread. But at Jac + Seed, I elevate the quality and design to a level I’m proud to call art.

It’s all about:

  • using quality beads and thread
  • harnessing my bead weaving and bead embroidery skills
  • letting the design creativity flow!

For the love of slow fashion and sustainability

I’d love you to dive into the world of slow fashion with me. Slow fashion is about making thoughtful choices and becoming sustainable in our manufacturing and consumer habits.  Its about quality pieces that are made to last. 

At Jac + Seed, every piece is hand stitched by myself - literally one glass bead at a time. I make each item to stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically. So you can buy one piece that you love, and wear it over and over.

That’s the beauty of slow fashion.

In the spirit of slow fashion, if you find you are no longer wearing your Jac + Seed beadwork, don’t throw it away! Please consider donating, re-purposing or re-gifting! I even have a passion project you can contribute to – send the beads back to me and I’ll add them to my up-cycle artwork projects that I create from broken jewellery and thrift store finds.

Jac + Seed is more than a jewellery label. It’s where I combine creative expression with craftsmanship to create wearable art for others to enjoy. My business is driven by passion - I have immense respect all small business owners: we are passionate individuals extending our arts, products and services to the community.

You can read more about my artistic journey here   

So thank you for your support and purchases! It puts a smile on my face and fuels my passion to pick up the needle and thread each day.